Jeff Price's career as a freelance writer began in 1991 when, to his astonishment, his very first submission to a major magazine was accepted for $400.  Since then, his articles, essays, poetry, expose', and short fiction have appeared in numerous regional and national publications.  In 2017, Jeff published The God Dam, (a novel) and Waiting For the Wind, (a collection of poetry, verse, and lyrics compiled from his forty years as a singer-songwriter).  Ordering information can be found under each book's description.

“You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, make them twice the prisoner of hell as they were before.”

– Jesus of Nazareth

THE GOD DAM is the story of one such convert: seventeen-year-old Tyler Rose, whose horrific childhood – and later indoctrination into Christian Fundamentalism – drives him to the brink of Niagara Falls, and a ‘leap of faith’ that he hopes will finally please his ‘Father in Heaven’.

When he opens his eyes, he is astonished to learn that he is not yet dead, but rather suspended in Limbo, where he is further surprised to meet his unborn twin, Angelina, who informs him that he still has time to change his mind – not about what he has done, but what he believes: About fathers, God, and most importantly, himself.

With Angelina’s inside knowledge and guidance, Tyler finally begins to recover from his abusive past, and comes to understand how religion – and its most fanatical believers – exploited and built on that abuse.  But this knowledge, enlightening as itis, does not liberate him from his prison of beliefs.  Before he can be truly free, and perhaps return to the realm of the living, he will need to confront – and somehow destroy – the most terrifying creation known to humankind, waiting for him in the darkness beyond The God Dam.

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Newly Released: Waiting for the Wind

Waiting for the Wind is a collection of lyrics and verse - songs of political, social, economic, and religious outrage, tales of injustice and tragedy, shouts of despair, murmurs of longing, and cries from the dark night of the soul.  But through it all, there are also whispers of the Wind, calling us ever higher, to find our place in the sky, and the love that brings life to life.

Both Print and E-Versions are available at Amazon.