God's Big Blue Ball - © 1988, 2017 JT Price

I went to see a fortune teller somewhere in Brazil
I walked into her hut, it sat on a barren hill
I said, "What happened to the trees?  Where did the rain forest go?"
She said, "Did you come all this way to hear what you already know?"
I said, "I guess you're right - we ignored the writing on the wall"
Well she laughed until she cried
"Such is life," she sighed
"On God's big blue ball"

From there I headed north, up to the North Pole
But by the time I got there, there was no more ice or snow
Then I turned and saw St. Nicholas out there in the drink
He was swimming for his life, trying not to sink
I said, “Hey Santa Claus! What caused this sudden thaw?”
Well he tried to raise his head
then went belly-up and dead
on God’s Big Blue Ball

Well Terra Firma’s dying, it’s going up in smoke
Mother Earth is crying and we act like it’s a joke
You don’t need to be a prophet to see what’s coming soon
All you gotta do is take a look at the moon

I went to Niagara Falls, up to Love Canal
It looked just like a ghost town as far as I could tell
There was not a soul to ask what had happened here
Then I looked beneath my feet and it all became clear
The toxic waste…the soil just oozed with chemicals
But you can’t stand in the way
of progress they say
on God’s Big Blue Ball

Well Jesus finally returned, the Second Coming came
But by the time he got here there was no one left to save
Well He walked along in wonder through the ashes of the past
His voice spoke like thunder, “They killed themselves at last!
Greed and lies and arrogance all come before a fall
They had the power in themselves
to build a heaven or a hell
on God’s Big Blue Ball”

In the not too distant future from a planet far away
a spaceship full of aliens came to investigate
Well they studied planet Earth to determine how she died
Finally they concluded she committed suicide
Well they laid a wreath in silence, they were saddened and appalled
And before they headed home
they placed a big tombstone
on God’s Big Blue Ball