"Ourglass" will be a 10-12 song CD that we hope to have completed and released by the end 2014.  Until then, here is a small sample of what to expect.  (Scroll down below the player for the song titles and lyrics).  Thanks for listening!

 JT Price

 God's Own Daughter -  © 2013 by JT Price

Baptism by fire, blood in the water
A heart offered up like a lamb to the slaughter
That's when she came like God's own daughter
and brought my life to life

Words from my soul had dried in my head
All music inside me was dying or dead
when she fed my muse with wine and bread
and brought my life to life

A cross in the distance, a tomb on a hill
Not a hope left for this old world to kill
when she exercised the strength of her will
and brought my life to life

So there's a promise in darkness, and for what it's worth:
The grave is a cradle for Easter and birth
just as a sunset is sunrise somewhere on earth
and her love brought my life to life

Heaven Won't Be Heaven Without You - © 2013 by JT Price

Some people say there's a paradise
somewhere beyond the sky
Some people say they have no fear
of what might happen when they die
Well it may be a fairy tale
just a need to be true
I only know that heaven
won't be heaven without you

Some people talk of a loving light
Some see angels and even Jesus
Some talk of friends and family
waiting there to greet us
Well it may be a fantasy
A weed of hope that only grew
I only know that heaven
Won't be heaven without you

'Cause I've been to paradise
And I've flown beyond the sky
From over there I saw death
and it was nothing but a lie
So this is not a fairy tale
It's all I know to be true
'Cause I have been to heaven
for I have been with you

Some people say there is nothing
once we close our eyes
that there won't be any new hellos
once we say our last good-byes
Some even talk of a fire
And for me that might be true
I only know: even heaven
would be hell without you

Promise Land - © 2007 by J. Price

Well there ain't no yesterday
and tomorrow never comes
Even so there's just no stopping
the rising of the sun
Still I'm standing in the shade
a broken compass in my hand
I don't know where is here
but it ain't the promise land

Well I close my eyes and see you
Can you see me from there?
Yeah I see you standing on an ocean bluff
the wind blowing through your hair
Well I know you're not a ghost
but you might as well be
'Cause I can't get to you
and you won't come to me

These days I'm just killing time
Or maybe time is killing me
And it isn't just the years gone by
but all the years that I believed
in you
in me
and what was supposed to be

I feel half my soul a falling
down out through my toes
Back into the river
of eternity it flows
And across the other side
I hear the playing of the band
They've got an extra chair
over in the promise land

But if it were up to me
I'd go back in time
Back before the beginning
to prevent this present crime
But all those doors are closed
There's no bridge from her to there
There's just the here and now
and silence everywhere

Well I want to laugh but need to cry
at this tragic comedy
How could I ever lose my love
inside of my own dream
of you
of me
and what was supposed to be

In the blink of an eye
- at least that's how it seemed
A shooting star across the sky
and I awakened from a dream
Well I turned and saw you standing
on that ocean bluff
Then I heard you laughing:
"Come away with me, my love"

And then at last the wind came too for me
And I fly far away and free
One last look to the sorrow over there
But all I see is a ghost and an empty chair

The Flowers of My Heart - © 2014 by JT Price

Looking back across the years
into the black and grey
I send a whisper back to you
and hope you hear me say
In my days of darkness
Endless clouds and bitter showers
I always had a secret garden
and you were my flowers
In the rain
of yesterday
But like they say
Life is art
And what is true
Is that you
and you and you
were the flowers of my heart

You know I have my regrets
for the dreams that came undone
For those years that I was lost
to my daughters and my son
But did you ever know?
that in my desperate hours
What always kept me goings
was my garden and its flowers

In the rain
of yesterday
But like they say
Life is art
And what is true
is that you
and you and you
were the flowers of my heart

Now when I look around me
I see the sun has finally found me
And all I want to do
is share this light with you

Well I look at you all now
and my heart shines like the moon
to see my precious flowers
coming into bloom
One day I'll stand upon a hill
overlooking God's green valley
to see the flowers of my flowers
for as far as I can see

Until that day
I will pray
you hear me say
life is art
And what is true
is that you
and you and you
are the flowers of my heart