The United States of Me and You - © 2017 JT Price

I am not a Republican, and I ain't no Democrat
I'm a human being first, American after that
I don't live in a red state, I don't live in a blue
I live in the united states of me and you

We are Native, Latin, and Asian, African and European
 - not black, white, yellow or brown, red or even green
So don't put us on your pie chart divided by color
'cause we are not your picture paint-by-numbers

We used to be the Great Melting Pot, room for one and all
Now it seems like all we got is labels, stamps and walls
Pro-this, anti-that, you're either for it or against
Each side tears the other down and builds a sound-proof fence
'till no one can hear no more, and no one can see
this land is yours, mine, made for you and me

You can say I'm a Muslim, you can say I'm a Jew
You can say I'm a Christian, a Buddhist or Hindu
You can say that I'm an atheist, or a New Age guru
But you can't say I don't belong if I don't believe like you

And I don't really care if someone is gay or straight
- just don't vilify the other side or religionize hate
Well you might believe in life, or you might believe in choice
But I believe love should be the loudest voice

And we will be again a Melting Pot, room for one and all
Where we will lift each other up wherever we may fall
Good neighbors, good friends, good Samaritans
on my street, in my town - that's where it begins
Then watch it spread from north to south, from sea to shining sea
'till everyone can sing again: This land was made for you and me